Monday, August 9, 2010

Hairy Hijabs

I've recently moved to Dearborn, specifically East Dearborn, a city known for having the largest concentration of Middle Eastern cultures this side of the Atlantic. I'm finding myself mesmerized by the way the women sashay down the sidewalks in their burqas and hijabs on ninety degree days, a bag of groceries on one hip, a kid on the other. There's something about them that is so mysterious. Feminine. Secretive. Strong. Especially compared to the silly white chicks sitting at the bus stops, flicking cigarette ashes on their short shorts and halter tops.


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Well, I'm happy to see you're still drawing. Also, wtf, DEARBORN? I live in Dearborn Heights! My sister works at the Leo's on Greenfield and Ford Rd and I go to New Yasmeen bakery on Warren during Ramadan for cheese pies because they are delicious. We should HANG sometime.

Humza Khan said...

you should check out It should hopefully unravel a lot of mystery