Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh ADBUSTERS...(you still have my heart)

Check it...


This article proves a relatively interesting point.
Will counter-assimilation and uber savvy marketing destroy us all?
And we wonder why all of us twenty somethings are feeling so lost.

Fashion, music, art, etc. are being lumped into this great big middle ground-above all- neutral and broadly appealing to the masses, dictated by the market.

Last I knew, wasn't that supposed to work the other way around?
Supply in demand? Sure, but now they're creating the demand too....for a generation who's obviously a little than more uncomfortable with the "hipster" label they've been dealt. (Can't imagine why...)

Aye tipo....


...strikes a chord.

Emily Haines from the group Metric (whom i've recently come to adore) spills a little inspiration.

Leave a message with my agent. (heehee).
I'm moving to guadalajara.

Sunday, February 22, 2009



I will be participating.
You should be attending.