Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Years Resolutions....uh oh.

Its a new year. Yeah yeah...

But goals are nice things. And as always. I have lots.

1. Dream BIG.
2. ACT bigger.
3. Keep the social animal at bay.
3. Succumb to the necessity of technology.
4. Start putting IT together. One screen, squeegee and bucket of ink at a time.
5. Have patience.
6. Have mercy.
7. Commit one act of common sense daily.
8. Convince myself that intangibles are valid.
9. Move. Far. Far. Away.
10. Burn bridges.
11. Realize that that indeed-in some circles- i am the token artsty chick.
12. Funnel frustration.
13. Continue my unrequited romance with articles of the past.
14. REALIZE being a grown up.
15. Stop 'acting' like one.
16. Obsess over constructive things.
17. Realize sometimes the horse is just D E A D.
18. Recognize preexisting obligations.
19. Break those that belong to anyone by myself.
20. Elaborate on my niche.
21. Contract. Expand. Growth is like breathing.
22. Consider that spinning wheels will wear themselves thin.
23. Recycle. Frequently. Via thriftstores.
24. Embrace addictions. Habits. Vices. In moderation.
25. Reduce bedroom activities to sleeping only.
26. Love the people that bring out the best in me.
27. Fight artistic paralysis.
28. Understand that i am just NOT a morning person.
29. Recognize that every destination involves a journey.
30. Embrace it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

But we already knew this, right?

Sometimes it nice to know that even our heroes struggle (internally, with the economy, etc.)and can give some great advice on how to get your ass in gear.